1 Piece Dalmatian Stone Aplite Cabochon “Protective Influence” 15x30MM Read Details


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Dalmatian Stone Aplite is believed to be the Nurturing &  Clarity Stone 

This cabochon is used for:

Wire Wrapping Jewelry 

Ring Making

Phone accessories and so much more 

Trust yourself and Trust your journey.


It is imperative that we remember that gemstones work on your intentions and your personal vibration. It’s recommended that you program and speak to your crystal based on the properties associated with each mineral.


No crystal Journey is alone and healing is a personal experience.


FYI colors will slightly vary in person. NO crystal is alike (yes some will like similar and identical but they are not the same.


Some crystal may have a dye, heat and polishing treatment for jewelry statements pieces and beads. Our Agate Colored jewelry in the pinks, purples, blues, green and yellows mainly fall under this category.


If we use the word  “inspired” or “manmade” the gemstone is not natural but beautiful nonetheless


We source our info about minerals online and from personal books we own. We highly advise you to research your crystals to determine what it means to you.