1 piece acrylic leopard pump


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All custom charms are made in house and will vary in size, we will label Charm as oversized or large And or dainty or small when we feel like the image is misleading via the visual 

Backside of charm  is white  

  • Please expect minor imperfections with handmade goods
  • All custom charms will come with drilled hole for attaching unless otherwise noted 


  • Colors may slightly vary in person


  • Please handle charms with care when securing and attaching to your planned DIY


  • We mix golds with silver etc


  • Custom charms may be Imperfect on the back hand side 


  1. IF purchasing without a gloss, please seal your plastic piece with some type of craft sealant to protect ink 
  2. We recommend Triple Thick Gloss Glaze (be sure to follow all directions and or research the product) Amazon reviews are best 
  3. Spray acrylic sealants can be used to protect the ink however always test and Allow to dry completely to see the best results 
  4. When drilling holes please be gentle and try to position droll away from the edge to allow room for attaching your jump rings and or bail attachments