1 Piece Heart Shaped Agate pendant (read full details)


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Please note colors will slightly vary in person, please expect darker colors 

Known for relaxing and reducing stress
-please note we are not responsible for promising healing properties associated with different minerals we offer. All internal intentions from each individual will play a role with the specs is each gemstone. 

Specs- not all pendants will come with a  pinch  bail

1. You will receive one of the pendants pictures and selected randomly, please note each pendant is different and will not have the bands (white lines) 

2. No pendant is alike and colors along with banding will differ with each bead

3. Stainless Steel Bail 

Size approx 22-24MM Length 20-21mm Width 

FYI natural minerals may have tiny flaws that we don’t consider a imperfection. Gemstones are cut, polished and some are dyed which makes each piece vary in color and size. Colors may slightly vary in person due to each monitor and screen resolutions 

All metaphysical properties can be researched and intention has everything to do with your own personal crystal collection

 People collect crystals for the physical appearance and story behind the Gifts from Earth.