1 piece resin image- large sized- includes gloss- blue Jean distressed classy bag

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Made to order with a 3-4 business day window for processing before order ships


IF THIS IS A RANDOM STYLE CLEARANCE ITEM-these pieces are random and selected from pictured lot, we only have exactly what’s seen in the photo. As each order is placed, styles shown will sell out while  supplies last from what’s shown


Imperfections are included as each piece is made in house. Each piece hand cut, glossed with added hole.


Sizes will always vary, this is a handmade item that can alter sizing due to the process on how it’s made


Colors will slightly vary in person


Backside is white and will often have ink and or discoloration


The Charm Cartel is not responsible for any brands you choose to post on your social media pages that are often reported. We are not affiliated with any luxury brands


Fabric outfits made tend to be larger in size unless otherwise noted