1 piece resin image (large sized) includes gloss and holes (read full product details by scrolling down) tote bags

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Made to Order- please allow 3-4 business days for processing until order shipped

Comes with drilled holes 

UV RESIN - please keep in mind with the season changing, house climate etc some resin glossed images may have air pockets once cured 

UV resin kits can be purchased on Amazon with a lamp for less than $20- we offer a lower price for images without gloss- use our chat feature to find out more 

Gloss is recommended  but not mandatory, it’s important to let your customers know if it’s not glossed, to not get the pieces wet 

White backside (sometimes the ink can bleed through, some backs will have odd coloring or smudging) we will discount those accordingly 

Full outfits tend to be oversized and long unless otherwise noted 

Fabric shirt pieces are oversized 

Sizing can vary when multiple pieces are ordered 

Colors may slightly vary in person