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Please note all lamps are unique and one of a kind made from the rough piece of Rose Quartz  and can vary with weight and size. Approx 5 Inches is the average size 

Rose Quartz is recognized as the Crystal of Love. Many use this Crystal for Self Love, Opening of the Heart Chakra and Emotional Support.

Owning Rose Quartz in the home can assist with your focus on Love, Emotional Compassion and the glow from the Lamp is easy access for the energy flowing from it. We like to light out lamp in darkness as we sit back, relax and pray, manifest and be one with self. 

Plug in 7w light bulb included 

All metaphysical properties can be researched and intention has everything to do with your own personal crystal collection


People collect crystals for the physical appearance and story behind the Gifts from Earth. 

All stones are natural and unique, please allow variance with each gem including imperfections included as the Stone is natural and has natural blemishes and imperfections like our skin.