1 Selenite decorative Knife (read full details)

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Size Approx 15 CM Long 

**Please note that this is a knife for decorative purposes only. Selenite is a soft material and is NOT for cutting or puncturing.

Hand Carved into a decorative knife used for Home Decor, Charging of other crystals and Alters 

This stone is associated with cleansing and purification. Popular for cleansing other crystals and excellent for calming.

This stone is popular for using near the entrance of the home to clear negative energy. 

All metaphysical properties can be researched and intention has everything to do with your own personal crystal collection


People collect crystals for the physical appearance and story behind the Gifts from Earth. 

We highly recommend to keep this stone dry. 

All stones are natural and unique, please allow variance with each gem including imperfections included as the Stone is natural and has natural blemishes and imperfections like our skin.

Selenite may also exhibit natural "veining" throughout the crystal which can be mistaken for cracks. Please anticipate some natural imperfections.