Manifestation “Jade” Stretch Bracelet (read full details)


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Material- Jade (dyed and polished natural gemstone) this is usually a jade as a trade name due to color but it’s dyed Quartz 

  • Natural gemstone is a mineral. Naturally the stones will have flaws which are not considered imperfections.

  • With treated stones that include cutting and polishing  every bead will vary in color and size and will not have the same visual


Please note bracelets may have knots and/or longer string ties visible, you can always snip excess ties if it’s bothersome 

Stretch Elastic is a green color, please keep in mind this string will show depending on how many are worn at once or the wrist size 


You can also cut the string and recreate your own wrist art (keep in mind 1 center bead has a 3 way hole)




6 cm Inside diameter for the 10MM Bead Size


6.5 cm inside diameter for the 16MM Bead