1 piece resin image with gloss and hole

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Shipping Policy and Processing Time: Please allow 3-4 business days for processing. All items are Made-to-Order and will be shipped accordingly.

Our terms and conditions apply.

Please be aware that our images have a white backside and may include crafting flaws.

Please note that if the images have attached dresses, the backside where the skirt is attached may be imperfect

Keep in mind that sizes may vary due to the shrinking process during creation. Colors may also slightly vary in person.

Please be advised that Fashion Skirt resin  are usually large in size unless otherwise noted.

We are not affiliated with any high fashion brands and therefore, use these items at your own discretion. We are not responsible for any social media flagging or reporting if these items are advertised.

Our gloss is made with resin and may have slight imperfections such as air pockets. For best results, we highly recommend using gloves when handling your image to avoid fingerprints.