Gemstone 1 strand 12MM Jade


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12MM- Polished, Dyed (we took several pictures on how the blue colors will vary based on light, flash, no flash etc 

Faceted Round Shape beads 

Approx 30 Beads per strand

Jade Gemstone FYI

Jade gemstones are not all in the same. Please do some research on the difference between trade names and actual minerals being used for gemstones beads for personal education if you’re interested to know more. 

For example:
Mountain (Mashan) Jade (trade name ) for Dolostone which is a marble with magnesium used for creating the Mountain Jade known for vibrant colors and a favorite for jewelry artist to work with. This type of Jade is not associated with the following:

“nephrite and jadeite” 

Often Trade names are used with enhanced gemstones created for jewelry use 

Approx 38 Beads per strand 

Please be advised that colors may slightly vary in person 

Gemstones tend to vary with each bead on the strand, this type of bead will have more of a uniform expectation since it’s a dyed gemstone