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FYI we no longer do the fabric skirts for custom ordering❤️

Order is not confirmed until it’s paid in full.


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  1. All custom orders are made to order with a processing time of 5 business days 7 business days 
  2. No matter what we discuss via the DM,Email, Text or Messenger, your order is not accounted for until it’s paid in full ❤️we ask you kindly to reach out when you’re ready to complete your order on that day 
  3. If the image is already on the website, please place your order via the website. This is only for Custom images. 
  4. Price varies based on details and specs.
  5. We will only use images that are SVG, PNG, JPG format. All images are subject for approval  (For example, if I feel like it’s not going to print with good resolution, we will ask for a different image) 
  6. If you provide the artwork, we do not resell those images, all images edited or made by myself, will be resold to the public once you receive your order
  7. If I’m providing the image, the cost will reflect the artwork being created specifically for your order. Artwork requires time and different apps to create a vision, please allow 7 full business days if you’re not providing me with clip art
  8. Images can come with or without holes and with or without gloss. 
  9. Backside of images are white and can have imperfections via the backside from the heating method and or ink 
  10. All custom orders must be shipped via insured mail no exceptions 
  11. We will not duplicate another creators artwork in this same community of jewelry and or craft. 


Some shapes and images are denied due to the my personal skill level. Colors will vary from what’s on the original image.


 Please don’t set your heart on a certain pink, blue etc for example. We work off of hues verses exact color request. 


Designer logos and or characters that are licensed, come with a risk when posting these type of themes to your public social media pages. These themes are a copyright infringement to the designer and or brand. We will not be held responsible for Deactivated social media pages and or reports or flags via your website. Using these types of themes comes with a “Risk” please do your research using designer logos and or famous characters, sorority, Disney just to name a few. 


If you agree with everything mentioned above and you are ready to move forward today with payment, let us know via the social media Direct messaging and we will be more than happy to get you started 


To streamline this process, we chat, brainstorm and finalize the same day the payment is made.


Thank you so much again for trusting Me with your craft