1. Price can change at any given time on all items offered online 

2. If system oversells inventory, we will refund you and email the out of stock communication 

3. It is your responsibility to read description/SHIPPING details when purchasing any item from The Charm Cartel. We provide enough contact info for any additional questions you may have before purchasing

4. We have the right to deny any orders based on suspicious activity provided by our Fraud Analysis once payment is submitted.

5. We are not responsible for lack of sales and or DIY fails based on any videos or suggestion shared via my public social media pages. We Encourage you to remain Positive & Celebrate every Aspect of Your Business 

6. Customer Reviews and or Testimonies are voluntary opinions from paid customers who received products from my website. We are all different in our own way, and what one customer loves another customer may dislike. Please base your experience solely on my behavior and verbiage shared via  Social Media, Website Product descriptions and shipment once goods arrive in your possession.

7. Please note I have legal rights to protect my business, brand and property.