Crazy mixed Bead/Pendant Soup (view all pics and watch video)read full description

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Everything but the kitchen sinK confetti soup!

Beads all materials, all shapes and sizes. Please expect very tiny beads and large sizes as well 

Charms mini and Dainty mixed up some larger sized, it just depends on your scoop 

See images for best examples 

Our Sample bead confetti made in house with assorted beads different shapes and sizes ranging from 2mm in size and up. This confetti originated from my own personal stash created for making myself stretch anklets

Most of the confetti beads are 4mm-6mm in size. We have enclosed natural gemstones along with other types of bead materials. It’s like a Treasure Hunt

Please keep in mind samples will not include all the beads shown. It’s literally a scoop of whatever pretty beads land inside the capsule and charms! 

We use the confetti beads to make our anklets and some use the beads as spacers and accents for your their own creations.