Colored Tray Pendants Imperfections


Colored Tray Pendants Imperfections

Lanea Halliburton

Colored Trays (the base holding the glass image) can often have flaws on the back side due to the color coating process done in the factory. Using Sharpie Markers, Nail polish, Acrylic paint can hide the flaws such as chips and scratching flaws on Cabochon base.  If you read Amazon...

Resin/Clay Charm Hacks

Lanea Halliburton22 comments

Resin and Clay charms are imperfect but yet perfect for creating a one of a kind theme for your jewelry. We recommend checking the screw in pin to make sure it's compatible with the base you're connecting it to. We suggest a drop jewelry glue (the glue type is up...

What kind of Drill do you use?

Lanea Halliburton

This is my preferred drill to use from We have the exact picture of the drill shown for the visual.  Check out our amazon storefront:

How to Seal Gems

Lanea Halliburton3 comments

We recommend Out the door Top Coat as pictured. Always test spot your gems before fully coating your decor. Apply a thin coat to your gems to add extra security to prevent gems from falling out out of place. This is extra security but the customers habits when wearing costume jewelry...